Kelly Slater Wins 2011 US Open of Surfing Huntington Beach

Kelly Slater wins US Open of SurfingKelly Slater wins the Mens 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, while Sally Fitzgibbons wins the Womens US Open of Surfing. I’ve compiled some of the best photos from Sundays final surfing event.

These were the final result:

Final Mens:

  1. Kelly Slater (winner)
  2. Yadin Nicol

Final Womens:

  1. Sally Fitzgibbons (winner)
  2. Lakey Peterson

Final Junior Mens:

  1. Filipe Toledo (Winner)
  2. Kolohe Andino
  3. John John Florence
  4. Conner Coffin

Final Junior Womens:

  1. Lakey Peterson (Winner)
  2. Malia Manuel
  3. Laura Enever
  4. Coco Ho

The final was this past Sunday, while the Junior Men and Women’s took place on Saturday. Overall it was an action packed weekend. I don’t know how many people attended this event on Sunday, but it had to be well over 10 or 20 thousand people.

The beach was standing room only, which made it very difficult to get good photos of the event. While on the Huntington Beach Pier, the south facing side was almost impossible to find a spot along the rail. The spectators and photographers were two to three deep. So that meant that even though I was there by 7:30am, unless I stayed at my post, I could not change locations.

I chose to move around and shoot from different locations, which you will see from the images below. The morning started out cloudy, but by the womens and mens final, the skies cleared up and it was the perfect backdrop for the show that was about to begin.

Kelly Slater was the star of the day, he rode 8 waves with his top two scores being 8.5 and 7.77, while Yadin Nicol had only 3 waves with top two scores of 1.80 and .77. So you can see how it turned out to be one-sided. After Kelly was announced the winner he still waited for a wave to ride in and give a final show for the crowd.

See below for a gallery of pictures from the 2011 US Open of Surfing Finals:

You can click on the images above or the links below to see the pictures.

2011 US Open of Surfing US Open of Surfing Wide Shot Lakey Peterson Lakey Peterson US Open Lakey Peterson US Open Finals US Open Lakey Peterson
Crowds at 2011 US Open Surfing Carissa Moore Semi Finals Carissa Moore surfer Carissa Moore Semi-finals Coco Ho US Open of Surfing Coco Ho and Sally Fitzgibbons
Coco Ho Coco Ho surfing Kelly Slater semi-finals Kelly Slater US Open Dusty Payne and Kelly Slater US Open Surfing Crowds
Beach US Open Of Surfing Fans at the US Open of Surfing 2011 Semi-finals US Open of Surfing Kelly Slater with fans Sally Fitzgibbons Kelly Slater US Open
Sally Fitzgibbons wins Sally Fitzbibbons Kelly Slater and Yadin Nicol Lakey Peteson Peterson and Moore fight for a wave Sally Fitzgibbons
Kelly Slater 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing Kelly Slater raises hands Kelly Slater salutes the fans Kelly Slater Victory for Kelly Slater
Crowd waits for Kelly Slater Kelly Slater and Crowd Sky Divers over US Open of Surfing Spectators at the Nike US Open of Surfing Crowded Beach at US Open of Surfing Bikini crowds at US Open of Surfing

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