Surf Pros Practice Alongside Locals in Huntington Beach

coco ho huntington beachFor the past several days, pro surfers have been seen practicing in Huntington Beach in preparation for next weeks US Open of Surfing.

I was out yesterday taking photos and quickly noticed Hawaii’s Coco Ho out on the south side of the pier, and earlier I noticed a local favorite Courtney Conlogue.

All are here for next week’s US Open of Surfing, so if you want to see some of the stars before the big event, simply head over to the beach and keep an eye for them. Nope, they won’t wear a big old sign that says “I’m a pro, look at me”, you need to spot them among all the local surfers.

What’s great about taking photos in Huntington Beach is that you’ll find locals surfing along side some of the pros. Many times, unless you can spot them, you’ll never know who they are, that is until you see them in action. That’s how I usually spot them. Oh yeah and I also use my camera lens or binoculars when they are a little further away.

Construction for next week’s event is coming along, I’m sure it’s going to draw huge crowds. And you know that the City of Huntington Beach is trying to capitalize by trying to make the most of it.

If you haven’t noticed they adjusted the options for the parking lots on the south and north side of the pier.  In the past you could park in the lots and have the option of paying for one hour, two hours, three hours, 4 hours or all day. All day has always been there, which costs $15, but now they removed all the options except the $15 all day price. Which means now you’ll be forced to pay $15 parking even if you only stay for a couple of hours. Sucks, but I guess that’s life, every city is strapped and trying to increase revenues.

Anyways, back to the pictures. I’ve added a few from my outings. Not all of them are properly ID’d, but thought they were interesting enough to share. Also, don’t forget to check back each day during the US Open of Surfing because I’ll be posting photos daily.

Ramon Ambriz

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